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As part of the EU PEGASOS project coordinated by Forschungszentrum Jülich, scientists investigated the air quality above Europe. Using a zeppelin specially converted for scientific purposes, they collected data during three measurement campaigns in 2012 and 2013 each lasting several weeks. Together with the investigations involving a total of 26 partners from 14 European countries and Israel, the findings will provide the basis for climate protection measures throughout the EU.

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Zeppelin kehrt von der Südroute zurück nach Friedrichshafen

Picture Galleries. Zeppelin NT Flying for Climate Research

A team of about fifteen researchers from Jülich, Switzerland, Estonia, and the USA accompanied the Zeppelin NT on its three missions. Starting from Friedrichshafen, they first flew towards the Netherlands with the final destination of Cabauw and then back to Friedrichshafen (western route). In 2012, the second mission took the zeppelin to Italy for more than five weeks for measurement flights in the Po valley and over the Adriatic (southern route). Finally, the third mission in spring 2013 went to northern Europe for two months heading for Hyytiälä in Finland (northern route).

Zeppelin landet

Videos and Film Material

A seven-minute film about the research airship (in German) takes a look at the EU PEGASOS project. Footage can be made available to journalists, who are requested to acknowledge the source and send us a reference copy. A time-lapse film shows how the zeppelin was refitted at the hangar in Friedrichshafen before taking part in the PEGASOS project.

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Summary of the EU PEGASOS project, the zeppelin campaigns, flight dates, measuring instruments, and measured data.
Last updated: 2 April 2014