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5 Research Clusters Granted in 2020

The PGSB advisory committee is pleased to announce the acceptance of research clusters in the following five topics:

Structural biology

  • Contact in Jülich: Prof. Jörg Labahn, Institute of biological information processing: IBI-7
  • Contact in Palestine: Prof. Hilal Zaid, Arab American University Palestine

Sustainable mobility

  • Contact in Jülich: Dr. Mohcine Chraibi, Institute for advanced simulation: IAS-7 and Dr. Wilhelm Kuckshinrich, Institute for energy and climate research: IEK-STE
  • Contact in Palestine: Dr. Mohammed Maree, Arab American University Palestine and Prof. Sameer AbuEisheh, An-Najah National University


  • Contact in Jülich: Dr. Agnes Csiszar, Institute of biological information processing: IBI-2 and Asmaa Qdemat, formerly Jülich Center for Neutron Science: JCNS-2 currently University of Cologne
  • Contact in Palestine: Prof. Rana Samara, Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie

Agricultural Sustainability

  • Contact in Jülich: Dr. Dean Calahan, Institute for bio and geosciences: IBG-2
  • Contact in Palestine: Dr. Rami Arafeh, Palestine Polytechnic University


  • Contact in Jülich: Dr. Jürgen Dammers, Dr. Christoph Lerche and Prof. Irene Neuner, Institute for neuroscience and medicine: INM-4
  • Contact in Palestine: Dr. Mohammad Herzallah, Palestine Neuroscience Initiative, Al-Quds University, Dr. Ahmad Hasasneh, Palestine Ahliya University and Prof. Hussein AlMasri, Al-Quds University

The topics investigated in these clusters, as well as the cooperation models they have developed, allow for cooperation and knowledge transfer between the Forschungszentrum Jülich and Palestinian Research Institutions in a sustainable manner that addresses common research interests and the needs of the Palestinian society. The Palestinian-German Science Bridge offers support to the groups in terms of financing faculty exchanges, student thesis projects and PostDoc Stipends, as well as by organizing networking and training activities for participants. The clusters will be supported throughout the PGSB project timeline, currently scheduled to end in September 2024, and are encouraged to apply for their own funding and continue working together.

Any scientists who are interested in contributing to one of the research clusters should contact the principle investigators listed above. Scientists interested in submitting an application for a new research cluster should contact the PGSB office or PALAST for further information regarding deadlines and formalities.

On behalf of the advisory committee, we look forward to future work with the research clusters and are optimistic that the groups will have a positive impact on both our current and long-term joint activities.



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Project Coordinator:
Dr. Caitlin Morgan
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Coordinator for Palestine:
Dr. Ayman Al Haj Daoud

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Prof. Dr. Ghaleb Natour
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Secretary General PALAST
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