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Offers for thesis projects

Project offers are updated continuously - so please check regularly
In case of interest, please contact the advertising scientists/supervisors first.

The next deadline for student applicants is 15 May 2021.

Offers for BSc Thesis Projects

Energy and Climate Research:
 Dr. Dirk Reiser, IEK-4: Statistical analysis of regression methods to derive parameters of model catalysts in a plasma-catalytic reaction network (PDF, 101 kB)

Offers for MSc Thesis Projects

Supercomputing and Advanced Simulation:
 Dr. Mohcine Chraibi, JSC: Experimental Investigation of the Fundamental Diagram for Pedestrian Dynamics Across Culture (PDF, 128 kB)
 Prof. Yuriy Mokrousov, IAS-1/PGI-1: Topology for magnetization control of complex magnets (PDF, 134 kB)

Bio- and Geosciences:
 Prof. Jan Vanderborght, IBG-3: Rhizotron facility and soil-root simulation model (PDF, 141 kB)

Biological Information Processing:
 Dr. Thorsten Auth, ICS-2/IAS-2: Predicting vesicle fusion using analytical theory and computer simulations (PDF, 476 kB)
 Prof. Jörg Labahn, IBI-7: Research in structural biology (PDF, 139 kB)

Energy and Climate Research:
 Dr. Robert Mücke, IEK-1: Durable Cathodes for All-Solid-State Lithium Ion Batteries (PDF, 134 kB)  
 Dr. Dirk Reiser, IEK-4: Implementation of model catalysts in a reaction network combining gas phase and surface reactions (PDF, 100 kB)
 Dr. Jan Coenen, IEK-4: Fiber-reinforced Tungsten composites for use in fusion reactor wall (PDF, 140 kB)

Neurosciences and Medicine:
 Prof. Gereon Fink, Jun.Prof. Simone Vossel, INM-3: Spatial cognition and attention in the healthy brain  (PDF, 113 kB)
 Ms. Prof. Dr. Silvia Daun, INM-3: Computational Neurology (PDF, 516 kB)
 Ms. Prof. Dr. Irene Neuner, INM-4: Simultaneous MR-PET-EEG Imaging – Multimodal Data Integration (PDF, 241 kB)
 Dr. Jürgen Dammers, INM-4: Development of deep learning strategies for the analysis of neuromagnetic data from magnetoencephalography (PDF, 1 MB)

Nuclear Physics:
 Prof. Hans Stroeher, IKP-2: Systematic study of beam current sensors at the laboratory test stand (PDF, 206 kB)

Engineering, Electronics and Analytics:
 Dr.-Ing. Johannes Baggemann, PGI-4/JCNS: Development and Construction of Neutron Source Components (PDF, 1 MB)
 Dr. Michael Schiek, ZEA-2: Verification of Chip prototypes (PDF, 159 kB)
 Prof. Ghaleb Natour, ZEA-1: Mechanical design of advanced chopper systems for neutron and synchrotron beamlines (PDF, 125 kB)
 Prof. Ghaleb Natour, ZEA-1: Optimization of homogeneity of magnetic fields using permanent magnets for novel NMR-spectrometers (PDF, 125 kB)
 Prof. Ghaleb Natour, ZEA-1: "Thermal image processing for carbon-based material analysis (PDF, 125 kB)
 Prof. Ghaleb Natour, ZEA-1: Validation of FEM-analysis on carbon fiber composite structures with digital image correlation (PDF, 125 kB)
 Prof. Ghaleb Natour, ZEA-1: Investigation of the cold gas dynamic method for coating complex parts with metals (PDF, 125 kB)
 Prof. Ghaleb Natour, ZEA-1: Measurement of carbon fiber polymer Structures (CRP) with Digital Image Correlation (DIC) (PDF, 297 kB)
 Thermal image processing for carbon-based material analysis (docx, 164 kB)
 Principle Investigations on Micro-Computer-Tomography (docx, 150 kB)
 Determination of the mechanical and thermomechanical behavior of glass-ceramics used as sealants in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and development of new measurement methods (docx, 164 kB)
 Vacuum system and components for the HESEB beamline at SESAME (docx, 148 kB)
 Dr. Karen Friese, JCNS-2: Development of a prototype of a sustainable magnetocaloric cooling device (PDF, 187 kB)

 Dr. Agnes Csiszar, IBI-2: Elucidating the molecular interaction of blood serum proteins as a carrier of fusogenic liposomes using advanced spectroscopic techniques (PDF, 1 MB)
 Dr. Sabrina Disch, Universität zu Köln: Influence of surface coordination on the magnetic properties of magnetic nanoparticles (PDF, 107 kB)
 Dr. Bernd Hoffmann, IBI-2: Carbon nanotubes for establishing biomimetic neuronal 3D systems (PDF, 2 MB)
 Dr. Asmaa Qdemat, JCNS-2: Engineered nanoparticles used for entomopathogenic fungi mycosynthesis (PDF, 396 kB)
 Dr. Sabine Schmitz, Dept. for Safety and Radiation Protection: Isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles secreted by glioblastoma cells and normal brain cells, which emerge from a neurao progenitor cell line (PDF, 967 kB)

Offers for PhD Thesis Projects

As of 2021, priority will be given to funding PhD projects within approved PGSB research clusters, with some opportunities remaining for positions outside of research clusters. Students are encouraged to contact members of the research clusters to ask about additional opportunities.

PhD Projects within the Research Clusters:

Structural Biology Research Cluster
 Prof. Jörg Labahn, IBI-7: Structural analysis of human glucose transporter-4 (PDF, 139 kB)

Nanoscience Research Cluster
 Dr. Thorsten Auth, IBI-5: Internal structure and protein modifications of fusogenic liposomes (PDF, 151 kB)

Sustainable Agriculture Research Cluster
 Dr. Arnd Kuhn, IBG-2: Use of biochar and algal biomass for sustainable crop production (PDF, 219 kB)

Neuroscience Research Cluster
 Jürgen Dammers, INM-4: Deep learning-based analysis in functional neuroimaging (PDF, 73 kB)

Sustainable Mobility Research Cluster
Currently no PhD projects offered

Additional offers for PhD Projects:

 Dr. Martin Kaufmann, IEK-7: Thermal and structural modelling of a satellite instrument (PDF, 190 kB)
 Dr. Jan Coenen, IEK-4: Fiber-reinforced Tungsten composites for use in fusion reactor wall (PDF, 133 kB)



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