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Bibliometrics – Project Examples

Analyses for Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE)

Every year, CHE publishes a ranking list of German universities.
Since 2008, the Bibliometrics team has provided the bibliometric statistics for the
CHE University Ranking.
The results are published in the DIE ZEIT Study Guide by the weekly national
newspaper DIE ZEIT.

Further information:
Zeit Campus – CHE University Ranking 2016/17
CHE – University Ranking
CHE – Methoden-Wiki (in German)

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Focusing on Science Funding: Southeast Asia Study for BMBF

Since 2006, the Bibliometrics team has evaluated the scientific output of selected countries in Southeast Asia for the International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
More than 4 million data sets were analysed in 2009.
The results of the study indicate an above-average increase in cooperations between the countries analysed.

Further information:
Bibliometrische Analyse Asiatisch-Pazifischer Raum 2009 (in German)
Bibliometrische Analyse Asiatisch-Pazifischer Raum 2011 (in German)
International Bureau of BMBF

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