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TÜV Seal of Approval

Introduction of the quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 at the Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics – Engineering and Technology (ZEA-1).

"It wasn't a walk in the park but it will certainly be to the advantage of all of ZEA-1's partner institutes and customers in the long term!"

ZEA-1 decided on its own initiative to implement a quality management system (QM system) in order to document and optimize key working procedures. This initiative was welcomed by numerous customers. "We want our working procedures to undergo regular evaluations by internal and external experts. Our aim is to maintain the high quality of our contributions to the research projects of our customers and partners – and if possible to improve it." So said Dr. Ghaleb Natour, director of ZEA, during the initial preparations for certification.

ISO 9001 certification of ZEA-1  TÜV Seal of Approval (PDF, 122 kB) was a challenge for all of those involved. "This excellent achievement was only possible thanks to the successful collaboration of all involved at ZEA-1," said ZEA-1 quality management representative Dirk Grunwald.

The relatively short introductory period of around a year was made possible by the involvement of an external consultant and excellent support from Forschungszentrum Jülich's Quality Management organizational unit. The implementation of QM was due in no small part to motivated employees at ZEA-1, who hope that the introduction of a QM system will improve their own work in the long run. "Some people are surprised at the speed at which we have achieved certification considering the size of our institute. I was confident from the outset that we would achieve the ambitious goals because I know how highly motivated employees at ZEA-1 are, and I am very proud of this," says Dr. Natour.

Head of the Joining Technologies and Materials Dr. Wilfried Behr explains, "Not much of this was new in the area of joining technologies because all of the components that are subject to official approval require very comprehensive and at times even more detailed records and documentation anyway. The opportunity to help design the system and to develop processes and documents tailored to our needs has meant that the QM system has already become indispensable to our team."

"The introduction of a QM system gave us a chance to evaluate how we work in detail and to improve things where we felt this was necessary. Some things were rethought and implemented in a collegial atmosphere with objective criticism. This process brought us closer together as a team," says Stefan Baier, head of Machine Fabrication.

Another advantage is highlighted by human resource manager Elke Thouet: "Clear procedures and standardized documents reduce the processing time and allow new employees to be trained in quickly and efficiently."

"Successful certification means that all of us at ZEA-1 will now begin to live and work in accordance with the norm, and we will do our best to keep the necessary formalism in the background away from our customers and partners, ensuring that they only experience the benefits of such a QM system. Customer and partner will profit from the improved quality of work at ZEA-1 thanks to the process," adds Dr. Ghaleb Natour.