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Conference Presentation (After Call)
(Corresponding author) ; ; ;
Analysis and Design of Amplitude Error Detector and Digital Control Loop to Increase Reliability of PLL
2017 International Symposium on Signals, Circuits and Systems, ISSCS, Meeting locationIasi, Romania, 13 Jul 2017 - 14 Jul 20172017-07-132017-07-14 OpenAccess  Download fulltext Files  Download fulltextFulltext by OpenAccess repository BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS

Conference Presentation (After Call)
(Corresponding author) ; ; ;
A 4-GHz LC-Based Voltage Controlled Oscillator & Frequency Divider for use in Neutrino Experiments
Analog 2016, Meeting locationBremen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, 12 Sep 2016 - 14 Sep 20162016-09-122016-09-14  Download fulltext Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS