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Heavy metals from concrete

Analytical concept fort he determination of trace elements of heavy metals in eluates of concrete based building materials in the framework of environmental acceptability tests

In the framework of a AIF-funded project, ZEA-3 performs analytical measurements of eluates from building materials together with the partners IBAC and VDZ. ZEA-3 developed analytical procedures for measuring of these trace elements by ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Currently ZEA-3 and VDZ perform joint measurements for the verification of the procedures. Some of the measurements performed are close to the limit of determination. Overall goal of the project is the development of a procedure that can be submitted to a standardization process and than can be used by various laboratories for testing of the environmental acceptability of building materials.

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Herr Dr. V. Nischwitz Tel.: 02461-61 1673 


AIF: Allianz Industrie Forschung  

IBAC: RWTH Aachen Institut für Baustoffforschung 

VDZ: Verein deutscher Zementwerke