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Quantification of Chlorsulfuron and its degradation products in soil

Within this Project, the ZEA-3 will characterize chlorsulfuron and its degradation products in soil from Mara basin, Kenya.

This project is focusing on the degradation, adsorption-desorption and leaching patterns of chlorsulfuron in wheat growing soils within the Mara Basin, Kenya, under laboratory modeling. It seeks to establish the fate of chlorsulfuron in different soils with different physicochemical parameters. Quantification of chlorsulfuron and identification and quantification its degradation products will be done by LC-MS/MS.

The project is part of the DAAD funded PhD-project of Joanne Ogunah.


Frau Dr. B. Santiago Schübel Tel.: 02461-61 4951


Prof. Philip O. Owuor

Dr. Crispin O. Kowenje

Prof. Joseph O Lalah

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