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Evaluation of a new reactor/recycling process for energy and climate protective plastic waste conversion

In this current project an innovative procedure, developed by HYBRIONIC company is established, to use resources more efficiently and to protect the climate.
Because of the global impact of pollution the combination of recycling through this project using HYBRIONICs non-pressurized oil production technology, will allow an entry into a network and market worldwide to reduce waste brought into the environment, protect the climate from solvent input and support the recycling sector by generating a high value product from plastic waste. In the future, this will be helpful for the global ecological system in the efficiency of energy, ecosystem of the oceans and its marine wildlife, drinking water and the prevention of natural resources.

The HYBRIONIC technology is based on the understanding the temperature management of the chemical reprocessing of polymers. With this technology HYBRIONIC can turn 80-90% of the polymeric waste back into raw material again, which then can be used for new production processes.

Bringing this technology to waste recycling companies all over Europe will have an effective input in climate protection because:
- less oil is needed for polymer production,
- less polymeric waste is used in waste incineration,
- less solvents are used for cleaning in pressurized oil production,
- less energy is used for polymer production and/or distillation of pressurized oil (commercial process).


ZEA-3 at the Research Center Jülich supports this project by sophisticated analytical technologies to evaluate the project of the HYBRIONIC process.

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