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The project, Methylaluminoxane (MAO) activators as industriell robots in the molecular polyolefin (PO) factory, in short ”MAO-ROBOTS”, is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme under theme NMP-2009-1.2-2.

The objective of the interdisciplinary EU-project MAO-ROBOTS is to investigate the nanostructure of catalyst-activator-systems used for industrial polyolefin production, in order to establish a basis for the improvement of the production efficiency of this industrial important class of plastics, achievement of enhanced  material properties to the point of creation of new classes of special substances.

Journal Article:

Ghiotto, Fabio; Pateraki, Chrysoula; Tanskanen, Jukka; Severn, John R; Luehmann, Nicole; Kusmin, André; Stellbrink, Jörg; Linnolahti, Mikko; Bochmann, Manfred "Probing the Structure of Methylalumoxane (MAO) by a Combined Chemical, Spectroscopic, Neutron Scattering, and Computational Approach" Organometallics, 2013, 32, 3354


34. Diskussionstagung der Fachgruppe Magnetische Resonanz (FG MR) 2012 in Halle,
Using pulsed field gradient NMR for quantification of trimethylaluminium (TMA) in methylaluminoxane (MAO) solutions
N. Lühmann, J. Stellbrink, S. Willbold, F. Ghiotto, C. Pateraki, M. Bochmann

16. Vortragstagung der Wöhler-Vereinigung 2012 in Göttingen
Combination of pulsed field gradient NMR and small angle neutron scattering for structural analysis of methylaluminoxane
N. Lühmann, A. Kusmin, J. Stellbrink, S. Willbold, F. Ghiotto, C. Pateraki, M. Bochmann


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