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Quantitative SIMS-Analysis of Thin Film Batteries

Quantitative SIMS-Analysis of Thin Film BatteriesSEM cross-section image and qualitative elemental distribution of a thin film battery

In cooperation with the IEK-1 a quantitative and depth resolved determination of the elemental distribution in Lithium thin film batteries is going to be realized. Within this collaboration single functional layers and complete thin film batteries are produced at the IEK-1 and analyzed at the ZEA-3 by Time of Flight - Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS).

Especially the ability to detect all elements in parallel as well as the low detection limit (ppb-range) and the high depth resolution (~nm) make the ToF-SIMS a very suitable analytical method for this purpose. These inherent properties in combination with the measurement of matrix adapted reference samples, which are carried out in the moment, will make up the opportunity of a precise quantitative SIMS-Analysis of thin film batteries in the future. Most noticeable in this connection is the Lithium distribution which is difficult to be quantified by other analytical methods.

Based up on these results the directed material synthesis and cell processing at the IEK-1 can be optimized.


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