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Within the Yangtze Project, the ZEA-3 will characterize the degradation pathways and degradation products of different xenobiotics.

Information about the Yangtze-Projekt

Aims of the project

Beside physical processes the chemical conditions for the formation of metabolites and element complexes are influenced by envrionmental conditions (concentration and gradient of oxygen, temperature and temperature gradients, entry and gradient of light and salt load).The characterization of these influences on the chemical processes is vital to obtain a full overview. It is therefore necessary to characterize the initial conditions (screening) as well as the observation of changes in the metabolisms of hazardous substances. These factors have a direct influence on the usability of drinking water and the usability of fish in the food chain of humand.

The examination of changes in the compartments water and sediment can be used to understand the influence of humans by climate change.

schematic view of the EC-MS coupling (Antec Leiden)schematic view of the EC-MS coupling (Antec Leiden)


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