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identification, quantification, localization - analytical methods

competence areas

The ZEA-3 is a scientific and technical facility of Research Centre Jülich. We supply analytical services with a wide range of techniques. The co-workers of the ZEA-3 consult internal and external customers in all kinds of analytical questions and develop solutions to challenges on request. The contributions of ZEA-3 to the challenges of the research centre are mainly focused on the fields of composition analytics with respect to identification, of quantification of elements and molecules and of characterisation of surfaces and layers with localizing techniques. More: competence areas …




3D-atomprobe determines element distributions on the atomic scale More: 3D-Atomprobe …

particle size and distribution

particle size and distribution

ZEA-3 has access to a wide range of methods for determination of particle sizes and their distribution. More: particle size and distribution …

Ambient Pressure XPS

Ambient Pressure XPS

Ambient Pressure XPS allows the in-situ analysis of gas-surface interaction coupled with sample heating up to 800°C. More: Ambient Pressure XPS …

ZEA-3 Hotline

ZEA-3 Hotline

The ZEA-3 has now for a better availability the Service Number 02461-61 8855 More: ZEA-3 Hotline …

Neues NMR Gerät

New NMR in ZEA-3

ZEA-3 is now able to run NMR experiments from -40 up to +135°C and from 109Ag up to 1H with significantly improved sensitivity. More: New NMR in ZEA-3 …


Pro Plant Stress

A new ERC-funded project at ZEA-3 explores the role of proteolysis in plant stress responses More: Pro Plant Stress …



The ZEA-3 is involved in a multiplicity of projects. More: Projects …