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Neutron Scattering (ICS-1 / JCNS-1)
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Überlagerung von sechs möglichen Anordnungen des Basischen Myelinproteins
New Light Shed on "Chameleon Proteins"
Jülich, 21 May 2014 – Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDP) are the quick-change artists of protein molecules. In aqueous solution, they have no clearly defined structure and can bend with a high degree of flexibility. Jülich neutron researchers have circumvented the shortcomings of conventional methods by using a novel approach to obtain new insights into these chameleon-like proteins. Their findings revolutionize prevailing assumptions about the biomolecular functioning of this key element of the central nervous system and have been published in the journal JACS.
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19th JCNS Laboratory Course - Neutron Scattering 2015
If you are a student in the field of physics, chemistry, material science or biosciences with a BSc (or an equivalent qualification), you are welcome to apply for a place on the 19th JCNS Laboratory Course Neutron Scattering, organized by Forschungszentrum Jülich.
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Research with Neutrons

Neutrons are neutral particles. Together with protons, they are the building blocks of the atomic nuclei. Neutrons weigh slightly more than the positively charged protons. More: Research with Neutrons …


H/D Contrast Variation

Many elements have several stable isotopes. They are chemically identical since they have the same number of protons. However, they differ in the number of neutrons in the atomic nucleus. More: H/D Contrast Variation …