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Neutron Scattering (ICS-1 / JCNS-1)
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Perfekter Glasübergang mit ultrasoften Kolloiden
Soft Surface, Hard Core: Perfect Glass from Ultrasoft Colloids
Jülich, 18 September 2015 – The glassy state is still something of a mystery. Recently, Jülich scientists discovered a relation between the motion of individual particles and the flow properties up to the point at which the material vitrifies. This relation is also described by the Stokes-Einstein equation, which, however, generally loses its validity long before the glass transition. Extremely soft colloids ensure that this relation is maintained.
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Jülich Soft Matter Days 2015
Soft Matter Science has emerged in recent years as an independent and interdisciplinary research field, bringing together scientists from condensed matter physics, macromolecular and physical chemistry, and molecular and cell biology.
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Research with Neutrons

Neutrons are neutral particles. Together with protons, they are the building blocks of the atomic nuclei. Neutrons weigh slightly more than the positively charged protons. More: Research with Neutrons …


H/D Contrast Variation

Many elements have several stable isotopes. They are chemically identical since they have the same number of protons. However, they differ in the number of neutrons in the atomic nucleus. More: H/D Contrast Variation …