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Functional imaging methods

Cognitive processes can be associated with processes in the brain using functional imaging methods. When applying functional imaging methods it is very important to determine the neural correlates of these processes temporally and spatially as accurate as possible. More: Functional imaging methods …


Rehabilitation kognitiver Störungen

Die AG Rehabilitation kognitiver Störungen ist eine interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgruppe, deren Mitglieder besondere Kenntnisse in der klinischen Neurologie (Schlaganfallbehandlung), kognitiven Neurologie, kognitiven Neurobiologie, Neurorehabilitation, und Neuropsychologie aufweisen. More: Rehabilitation kognitiver Störungen …

I-View Gerät

Social cognitive studies

The social cognitive studies include mainly behavioral and functional imaging experiments. To induce particular socially relevant mental states in healthy subjects virtual avatars are used. More: Social cognitive studies …


Cognitive processes and psychophysics

Cognitive processes are investigated using psychophysics and psychological empirical methods. More: Cognitive processes and psychophysics …

klinische Studie

Clinical studies

Clinical studies are conducted in strong collaboration with the University hospitals in Cologne (Neurology, Psychiatry) and Aachen (Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapyin childen and adolescents). These studies are conducted to investigate systematically neurological and psychiatric disorder and their associated functional disruptions. More: Clinical studies …