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The hardware group develops components especially for high field MRI systems. A major focus is the design of new coils and coil arrays for human as well as animal applications. This includes the development of novel excitation and reception devices such as traveling wave systems, wireless receive coils, and active antenna systems with integrated power amplifiers. The group also modifies or redesigns existing hardware components of MRI scanners to suit the special needs within the institute.


MR Systems

MRI Systems

9.4T animal scanner with parallel transmit and clinical user interface -- this unique animal scanner has been developed at the Forschungszentrum Jülich by combining components from different vendors as well as in house hardware

Coil Development

MR Coil Development

MR Coil Development

Components & Circuits

Components & Circuits

MR component development


Field Monitoring

MR experiments rely on a homogeneous and stable static magnetic field, superimposed by dynamic field gradients, which change in magnitude over time depending on the applied pulse sequence.

"Traveling-Wave" Systems

Travelling Wave Systems

The main goal of this project is to investigate the installation of travelling wave systems on a 9.4T whole-body MR-PET scanner. For this new kind of signal excitation and reception new excitation devices, e.g. antennas, are required

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Arne Berneking

Avdo Celik

Dr. Chang-Hoon Choi

Yong Hyun Ha

Dr. Arthur W. Magill

Nadine Rosen

Dr. Suk Min Hong

Stefan Schwan

Dr. Wieland A. Worthoff