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Young Investigators Group Prof. Dr. Yuriy Mokrousov

Topological Nanoelectronics Group


In the past decade the advent of the topological, also commonly known as Berry or geometrical, phases to condensed matter physics made a little revolution in the field of transport and dynamics of Bloch electrons in external magnetic and electric fields. All of a sudden such well-known phenomena as the anomalous Hall effect as well as its latest offsprings such as spin Hall effect received a twist which shifted the paradigm of modern nanoelectronics. These topological phases manifest themselves in a manifold of novel observed and predicted effects and properties of real materials, such as dissipationless spin currents or appearance of a novel quantum spin Hall insulator state of matter.

Our group is dedicated to exploring the appearance and ways of utilizing of the geometrical concepts and phenomena related to geometrical phases in the solid state for the purposes of future nanoelectronics. A special accent is put on such phenomena as the spin Hall and anomalous Hall effects, as well as dynamics of spins and spin currents in metals and semiconductors. An ultimate goal of the group is a suggestion of a device which would incoroporate these novel concepts and would allow for novel functionalities unachievable with other, more conventional approaches and techniques.

We make a focus on extensive use of predictive power of the density functional theory as a main tool for investigating the topological phases in real materials bridging the gap between recent experimental advances and progress in theoretical understanding of the spin dynamics, impurity scattering phenomena, anomalous and spin Hall effects based on basic and sketchy model description of the electronic structure of real materials. Thus, we also dedicate a large part of our activities to developing a first-principles methodology for calculations of electron and spin properties stemming from the topological nature of electrons in solids.