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Listed are the 20 most successful publications of PGI-1/IAS-1 published in 2007-2011 in accordance with the number of citations listed in the Web of Science.

  1. Hsieh, D; Xia, Y; Wray, L; Qian, D; Pal, A; Dil, JH; Osterwalder, J; Meier, F; Bihlmayer, G; Kane, CL; Hor, YS; Cava, RJ; Hasan, MZ
    Observation of Unconventional Quantum Spin Textures in Topological Insulators (2009) in: SCIENCE, Vol.: 323, Issue 5916, S.919-922
  2. Walter, M; Akola, J; Lopez-Acevedo, O; Jadzinsky, PD; Calero, G; Ackerson, CJ; Whetten, RL; Gronbeck, H; Hakkinen, H
    A unified view of ligand-protected gold clusters as superatom complexes (2008) in: PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Vol.: 105, Issue 27, S.9157-9162
  3. Bode, M; Heide, M; von Bergmann, K; Ferriani, P; Heinze, S; Bihlmayer, G; Kubetzka, A; Pietzsch, O; Blugel, S; Wiesendanger, R
    Chiral magnetic order at surfaces driven by inversion asymmetry (2007) in: NATURE, Vol.: 447, Issue 7141, S.190-193
  4. Volokitin, AI; Persson, BNJ
    Near-field radiative heat transfer and noncontact friction (2007) in: REVIEWS OF MODERN PHYSICS, Vol.: 79, Issue 4, S.1291-1329
  5. Akola, J; Jones, RO
    Structural phase transitions on the nanoscale: The crucial pattern in the phase-change materials Ge2Sb2Te5 and GeTe (2007) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol.: 76, Issue 23
  6. Botti, S; Schindlmayr, A; Del Sole, R; Reining, L
    Time-dependent density-functional theory for extended systems (2007) in: REPORTS ON PROGRESS IN PHYSICS, Vol.: 70, Issue 3, S.357-407
  7. Bihlmayer, G; Blugel, S; Chulkov, EV
    Enhanced Rashba spin-orbit splitting in Bi/Ag(111) and Pb/Ag(111) surface alloys from first principles (2007) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol.: 75, Issue 19
  8. Atodiresei, N; Caciuc, V; Lazic, P; Blugel, S
    Chemical versus van der Waals Interaction: The Role of the Heteroatom in the Flat Absorption of Aromatic Molecules C6H6, C5NH5, and C4N2H4 on the Cu(110) Surface
    (2009) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol.: 102, Issue 13
  9. Ferriani, P; von Bergmann, K; Vedmedenko, EY; Heinze, S; Bode, M; Heide, M; Bihlmayer, G; Blügel, S; Wiesendanger, R
    Atomic-scale spin spiral with a unique rotational sense: Mn monolayer on W(001) (2008) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol.: 101, Issue 2
  10. Hirahara, T; Miyamoto, K; Matsuda, I; Kadono, T; Kimura, A; Nagao, T; Bihlmayer, G; Chulkov, EV; Qiao, S; Shimada, K; Namatame, H; Taniguchi, M; Hasegawa, S
    Direct observation of spin splitting in bismuth surface states (2007) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol.: 76, Issue 15
  11. Gao, GY; Yao, KL; Sasioglu, E; Sandratskii, LM; Liu, ZL; Jiang, JL
    Half-metallic ferromagnetism in zinc-blende CaC, SrC, and BaC from first principles (2007) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol.: 75, Issue 17
  12. Sasioglu, E; Sandratskii, LM; Bruno, P
    Role of conduction electrons in mediating exchange interactions in Mn-based Heusler alloys (2008) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol.: 77, Issue 6
  13. Galanakis, I; Mavropoulos, P
    Spin-polarization and electronic properties of half-metallic Heusler alloys calculated from first principles (2007) in: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, Vol.: 19, Issue 31
  14. Persson, BNJ
    Relation between interfacial separation and load: A general theory of contact mechanics (2007) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol.: 99, Issue 12
  15. Dil, JH; Meier, F; Lobo-Checa, J; Patthey, L; Bihlmayer, G; Osterwalder, J
    Rashba-Type Spin-Orbit Splitting of Quantum Well States in Ultrathin Pb Films (2008) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol.: 101, Issue 26
  16. Galanakis, I; Ozdogan, K; Sasioglu, E; Aktas, B
    Doping of Mn2VAl and Mn2VSi Heusler alloys as a route to half-metallic antiferromagnetism (2007) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Vol.: 75, Issue 9#
  17. Yang, C; Persson, BNJ
    Contact mechanics: contact area and interfacial separation from small contact to full contact (2008) in: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, Vol.: 20, Issue 21
  18. Weismann, A; Wenderoth, M; Lounis, S; Zahn, P; Quaas, N; Ulbrich, RG; Dederichs, PH; Blügel, S
    Seeing the Fermi Surface in Real Space by Nanoscale Electron Focusing (2009) in: SCIENCE, Vol.: 323, Issue 5918, S.1190-1193
  19. Brede, J; Atodiresei, N; Kuck, S; Lazic, P; Caciuc, V; Morikawa, Y; Hoffmann, G; Blügel, S; Wiesendanger, R
    Spin- and Energy-Dependent Tunneling through a Single Molecule with Intramolecular Spatial Resolution (2010) in: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Vol.: 105, Issue 4
  20. Zhou, LH; Wiebe, J; Lounis, S; Vedmedenko, E; Meier, F; Blugel, S; Dederichs, PH; Wiesendanger, R
    Strength and directionality of surface Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida interaction mapped on the atomic scale (2010) in: NATURE PHYSICS, Vol.: 6, Issue 3, S.187-191









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