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Selected Publications

Prof. Dr. Michael Faley


M. I. Faley, I. A. Gerasimov, O. M. Faley, H. Chocholacs, J. Dammers, E. Eich, F. Boers, N. J. Shah, A.S.Sobolev, V. Yu. Slobodchikov, Yu. V. Maslennikov, V. P. Koshelets and R. E. Dunin-Borkowski,
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M. I. Faley, O. M. Faley, U. Poppe, U. Klemradt, R. E. Dunin-Borkowski,
“New prospective applications of heterostructures with YBa2Cu3O7-x”. Chapter in book “Superconductors”, ISBN 978-953-51-4163-1, Edited by A. Gabovich, Rijeka: InTech; 2015.


Jürgen Dammers, Harald Chocholacs, Eberhard Eich, Frank Boers, Michael Faley, Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski and N. Jon Shah
Source localization of brain activity using helium-free interferometer
Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 213705 (2014)

M. I. Faley, D. Meertens, U. Poppe and R. E. Dunin-Borkowski
Graphoepitaxial high-Tc SQUIDs
Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) 507, 042009 (2014)

M. I. Faley and U. Poppe,
Supraleitender Magnetfeldstabilisator
Patent pending DE102014003536 (2014).


M. I. Faley “Reproduzierbarer Stufen-Josephson-Kontakt”, Patent DE 102012006825 A1 (10.10.2013).

M. I. Faley, D. Meertens, U. Poppe and R. E. Dunin-Borkowski
“Graphoepitaxial Josephson junctions and DC SQUIDs”, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, pp.1-3, (2013). DOI: 10.1109/ISEC.2013.6604264. Print ISBN: 978-1-4673-6369-3. INSPEC Accession Number: 13780234. http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?arnumber=6604264

M. I. Faley, U. Poppe, R. E. Dunin-Borkowski, M. Schiek, F. Boers, H. Chocholacs, J. Dammers, E. Eich, N. J. Shah, A. Ermakov, V. Yu. Slobodchikov, Yu. V. Maslennikov, and V. P. Koshelets,
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M. I. Faley, and U. Poppe,
"Sputtering sources for high-pressure sputtering with large targets and sputtering method", Patent US20130199924A1 (08.08.2013), CN 103168338 A (19.06.2013).

U. Poppe, D. Weber, Y. Divin, M.Faley
"Ionically controlled three-gate component", Patent US20130079230 A1 (28.03.2013).


Faley M I, Poppe U, and Fagaly R L,
"Measuring instrument, electrical resistance elements and measuring system for measuring time-variable magnetic fields or field gradients”, Patent US2012/088674 A1 (12.04.2012).

M.I.Faley, U.Poppe, R.E.Dunin-Borkowski, M.Schiek, F.Boers, H.Chocholacs, J.Dammers, E.Eich, N.J.Shah, A.B.Ermakov, V.Yu.Slobodchikov, Yu.V.Maslennikov, and V.P.Koshelets
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M. I. Faley, Yu. V. Maslennikov, and V. P. Koshelets
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M. I. Faley, U. Poppe, R. E. Dunin-Borkowski, H. Chocholacs, J. Dammers, E. Eich, N. J. Shah,. Yu. Slobodchikov, Yu. V. Maslennikov, and V. P. Koshelets,
„Magnetoencephalography with high-Tc DC SQUID magnetometers“, Proceedings of “The 18th International Conference on Biomagnetism - Biomag 2012”, Paris, France, August 26th - 30th, 2012, pp. 124-125 (2012).

Chocholacs Harald, Boers Frank, Breuer Lukas, Dammers Jürgen, Do Cao Tri, Eich Eberhard, Faley Michael, Shah N. Jon
"Localization of Neuromagnetic Evoked Responses by using a Single Channel High-Tc-SQUID", Proceedings of “The 18th International Conference on Biomagnetism - Biomag 2012”, Paris, France, August 26th - 30th, 2012, p. 123 (2012).

“High oxygen pressure deposition and patterning methods of metal oxide heterostructures”, Proceedings of “VS3: 3rd Vacuum Symposium UK”, 17/18 October 2012 - Ricoh Arena, Coventry, United Kingdom. p.39. (2012) (Received the “IOP Vacuum Group Poster Prize”).

M. I. Faley, U. Poppe, C. L. Jia, O. M. Faley, R. E. Dunin-Borkowski
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M. I. Faley (2011)
“Epitaxial oxide heterostructures for ultimate high-Tc quantum interferometers”, Chapter in book “Applications of High-Tc Superconductivity”, ISBN 978-953-307-308-8, Edited by Adir Luiz, InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, pp.147-176.





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