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Lecture notes University of Duisburg

Prof. Claus M. Schneider

Experimental Foundations of Spin Electronics



Lecture Notes

Lecturer Experimentelle Grundlagen der Spinelektronik Notes cms Notes mm Magnetismus Notes cms Notes mm Magnetowiderstand Notes cms Magnetoresistance Notes sd Transport in Halbleitern Notes cms Notes mm Injektion in Halbleiter Notes mm Transfer Prozesse Notes cms
11. 03.07.2013Spin Transfer Prozesse II Notes mm und Logik Notes cms Phänomene Notes cms

Legend of lecturers: cm = Carola Meyer, mm = Martina Müller, cms = Claus Michael Schneider, sd = Sven Döring 


Here you can find details of the student lecture schedules from April to July 2013 along with the relevant seminar scripts:

 Projektplan April 2013 (PDF, 54 kB)

Here is the oral examination schedule based on the Spintronic lectures at the University of Duisburg-Essen:

Prüfungsplan 2013


Student Seminars on Spin Electronics



Seminar Notes

Given by Hall-Effekt Notes Olha Panchenko Experiment Notes Anastasia Brodt Effekt Notes Julia Frohleiks Resonanzmessung Notes Alexandra Terwey Notes Sabrina Masur und MFM Notes Lisa Liborius Notes Katrin Neureiter Notes Martin Wehmeyer Notes Dominik Andrzejewski Notes Patricia Pop-Ghe Datenspeicherung Notes Ulrike Hutten Laser Deposition Notes Karsten Rojekähigkeitsmessungen Notes Benedikt Krogmeier


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Depending on the audience, the lecture may be given in either German or English.

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