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Lecture notes University of Duisburg-Essen

Prof. Claus M. Schneider

Summer Semester 2014

Experimentelle Methoden der Oberflächenphysik: Elektronische Struktur




lec Surface Physics II: IntroductionNotescms Physics II: X-Ray Photoelectron SpectroscopyNotescms Physics II: Auger Electron SpectroscopyNotescms Physics II: Angle-Resolved Photoelectron SpectroscopyNotescms Physics II: Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyNotessd Physics II: ARPES - Advanced Issues Notescms Physics II: Atomic Force MicroscopyNotescms Physics II: Imaging Magnetic Structures - MFM and Spin-Resolved STMNotescms Physics II: Absorption SpectroscopyNotescms Physics II: Magnetic Dichroism SpectroscopiesNotescms Physics II: Immersion Lens MicroscopyNotescms
1209.07.2014Surface Physics II: Immersion Lens Microscopy IINotescms

cms: Claus M. Schneider

sd: Sven Döring

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Depending on the audience, the lecture may be given in either German or English.

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