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Pure spin currents

Pure spin currents result from a non-equlibrium spin density (spin accumulation) and spin relaxation in a non-magnetic metal and give rise to spin transport in the absence of charge transport. The diffusive character of spin transport may be the key to prospective concepts for information transmission and processing with significantly reduced dissipation. The investigation of pure spin currents also contributes to a deeper understanding of spin-based phenomena such as magnetoresistance (e.g. GMR, TMR) and magnetization dynamics (e.g. spin-transfer torque STT) by addressing fundamental spin transport and relaxation processes.

We fabricate non-local spinvalves, in which a charge current is injected into a ferromagnet/nonmagnet interface and causes spin accumulation that drives pure spin currents. We perform local and non-local electrical transport measurements as well as imaging of the ferromagnetic parts by scanning electron microscopy with polarization analysis (SEMPA).

Dr. Daniel E. Bürgler


1. Detection of pure spin currents in in-situ fabricated and measured lateral spinvalves