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20th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions 2012

Eurogress Aachen, Germany

The objective of the International Conference on Plasma Wall Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices is to provide and exchange the most recent scientific knowledge on the physical processes at the interface between fusion plasmas and the plasma-facing components and to evaluate their implications for the coming generation of fusion machines.

With the construction of ITER now starting, fusion research is on the verge of making a big step forward. There is a wealth of information that has to be analysed and transferred to the ITER team as well as a steady need for clarification of open scientific questions.

The expected attendance is up to 400 scientists from all over the world, active in university and research laboratories on subjects dealing with plasma-wall interaction in fusion devices, especially with the construction of ITER in mind. An opportunity is offered to the participants to exchange views, visions and experience and to establish fruitful contacts.

The official language of the conference is English. Please note that this conference is not a public event and is designed for an expert audience.

If you are interested in the conference please contact Mr Jan Adamczak ( for further information.

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