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17th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials

Eurogress, Aachen

The International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials is the major international forum for information exchange about materials to be used in future fusion power systems.

ICFRM-17 is the next meeting in this conference series. It will again assemble the world community to present their results on research, development, and deployment of materials for ITER, other nearer term experimental plasma devices and longer term fusion power sources.

The scope of the conference ranges from fundamental materials science to predicting and optimizing in-service materials performance, and will be delivered in a mix of invited and contributed oral, and poster presentations.

ICFRM-17 will be opened by a Tutorial Day on Sunday, 11 October 2015.

Experts in the field of fusion materials science and technology will present tutorial talks covering fundamental materials science and technology issues for the development if materials for fusion reactors.

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