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Every year, international scientific conferences and seminars are held at Forschungszentrum Jülich as well as events for the general public. Forschungszentrum Jülich is also represented at outside events, for example at trade fairs.


05.Jun.2016 Open Day: Research Up Close
04.Jul.2016 Falling Walls Lab Jülich
17.Sep.2016 JuDocs 2016 - Karriere made in Jülich

Forthcoming Institute Events

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21.Jun.2016 - 24.Jun.2016 Intersolar Europe 2016
22.Jun.2016 Colloquium: Dr. B. Blombach (Uni Stuttgart)
24.Jun.2016 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Didier Blavette, Normandie University, Rouen, France  
27.Jun.2016 - 29.Jun.2016 6th International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam
27.Jun.2016 - 28.Jun.2016 Training course "High-performance scientific computing in C++"
28.Jun.2016 ICS-3 Group seminar Self-assembly of hard core-soft shell colloids: New pathways to surface lattice resonances
04.Jul.2016 - 07.Jul.2016 The 2016 PNCMI (Polarised Neutrons for Condensed-Matter Investigations) International Conference
05.Jul.2016 - 08.Jul.2016 EU SOFC & SOE Forum
08.Jul.2016 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Matthias Wuttig, RWTH University, Aachen & Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany  
14.Jul.2016 Joint Soft Matter Seminar: Title: Self-assembly of patchy particles: coupling of directional and isotropic interactions
15.Jul.2016 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Eran Rabani, University of California, Berkeley, USA  
18.Jul.2016 - 21.Jul.2016 MLZ Conference: Neutrons for Energy
20.Jul.2016 Colloquium: Prof. Dr. J. Fritz-Steuber (Uni Hohenheim)
26.Jul.2016 - 28.Jul.2016 Workshop QuAASI'16
09.Aug.2016 - 12.Aug.2016 Training course "Introduction to parallel programming with MPI and OpenMP"
23.Aug.2016 - 25.Aug.2016 Biointerfaces International 2016 Conference
31.Aug.2016 Colloquium: Prof. Dr. M. Müller (Uni Freiburg)
05.Sep.2016 - 16.Sep.2016 20th JCNS Laboratory Course - Neutron Scattering 2016
09.Sep.2016 - 11.Sep.2016 16. GAIN Jahrestagung
12.Sep.2016 - 16.Sep.2016 Autumn School on Correlated Electrons Quantum Materials: Experiments and Theory
12.Sep.2016 - 16.Sep.2016 4th International Soft Matter Conference (ISMC2016)
19.Sep.2016 - 21.Sep.2016 Workshop on Data Assimilation 2016
19.Sep.2016 - 23.Sep.2016 CECAM tutorial: Atomistic Monte Carlo Simulations of Bio-molecular Systems
21.Sep.2016 Colloquium: Jun.-Prof. Dr. I. M. Axmann (HHU Düsseldorf)
27.Sep.2016 - 30.Sep.2016 MICRONORA

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