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21.Oct.2014 INM-6 Seminar: Talk by Stojan Jovanovic
22.Oct.2014 INM-6 Seminar: Talk by Professor Almut Schüz
22.Oct.2014 Seminar by Prof. Carlo Santambrogio
22.Oct.2014 - 24.Oct.2014 Training course "GPU Programming using CUDA" @ HLRS
22.Oct.2014 PGI-1 Seminar: Dr. Jens Brede
22.Oct.2014 Presentation by Dr. Zhongsheng Wen: : “Interconnected Silicon Nanowires as High efficiency Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries”
24.Oct.2014 Presentation by Dr. Adriana Ispas: : “On the electrochemical phase formation in aqueous media and in ionic liquids”
24.Oct.2014 Jülich Biotech Day 2014
24.Oct.2014 Jülich Biotech Day 2014
24.Oct.2014 Presentation by Dr. Florian Hausen: : “Electrochemical Atomic Force Microscopy - Revealing chemical and structural influences on atomic friction”
24.Oct.2014 Presentation by Dr. Marcel Risch: “Understanding activity and stability in oxygen electrocatalysis: from amorphous to epitaxial oxides”
27.Oct.2014 Workshop on Collecting and Analysing Experimental Data of Pedestrian Dynamics
27.Oct.2014 - 05.Nov.2014 Training course "Programming in C"
27.Oct.2014 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Jonas Albers
28.Oct.2014 - 29.Oct.2014 HPC User Forum @ HLRS
29.Oct.2014 Training course "UNICORE - uniform access to the supercomputer systems"
29.Oct.2014 VSR Seminar: KKRnano: All-electron density-functional calculations for nanoscale systems
30.Oct.2014 IAS Seminar "The Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (Dune)"
31.Oct.2014 Training course "Introduction to parallel computing"
03.Nov.2014 - 05.Nov.2014 NIC Workshop on "Force Fields: From Atoms to Materials (FORCES2014)
03.Nov.2014 - 05.Nov.2014 Workshop Force Fields 2014
03.Nov.2014 - 05.Nov.2014 Workshop Force Fields 2014
03.Nov.2014 - 05.Nov.2014 Workshop Force Fields 2014 @ JSC
03.Nov.2014 BioSoft-Colloquium: "Single molecule fluorescence microscopy to study polymer systems"
05.Nov.2014 - 01.Nov.2014 7th NCGG conference