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17.Sep.2014 PGI-1 Seminar: Prof. Dr. T. Oguchi
17.Sep.2014 PGI-1 Seminar: Dr. K. Yamauchi
17.Sep.2014 Colloquium: Juniorprof. M. Agler-Rosenbaum (RWTH Aachen)
18.Sep.2014 - 19.Sep.2014 DENIM 2014 - Engineering workshop in the field of neutron scattering instruments
18.Sep.2014 Roberto Meloni
18.Sep.2014 Vito Genna
19.Sep.2014 Presentation by Dr. Josef Granwehr: “Characterizing mass transfer and flow in gas, liquid and solid phases by magnetic resonance”
19.Sep.2014 Prof. Cristiano Viappiani
19.Sep.2014 Presentation by Dr. Frank Haarmann: “Magnetic resonance spectroscopy as a valuable tool for the investigation of modern functional materials”
19.Sep.2014 Presentation by Andreas Mertens: : "TDM Enhanced Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy at Lithium-Ion Batteries”
19.Sep.2014 Presentation by Dr. Dirk Hollmann: “Trial and Error vs Rational Catalyst Design - What's the Best Method?”
21.Sep.2014 - 27.Sep.2014 JESS 2014 - Joint European Summer School on Fuel Cell, Electrolyser, and BatteryTechnologies
22.Sep.2014 - 26.Sep.2014 ICACGP/IGAC Conference
22.Sep.2014 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Qiu Tianyu
22.Sep.2014 IAS Seminar "A Proposal of a Memory-Efficient Communication Library toward Exascale Computing"
23.Sep.2014 - 26.Sep.2014 PATC training course "New XC30, Parallel I/O, and Optimization (3 Courses)" @ HLRS
23.Sep.2014 IAS Seminar "Building an Exascale OS"
24.Sep.2014 - 29.Apr.2014 ICS-7 - Seminar
24.Sep.2014 ICS-7 - Seminar
24.Sep.2014 Colloquium: iGEM Team Aachen
25.Sep.2014 Sonderseminar SFB 985: Equal membrane accessibility in concentration polarization of pressure driven separation processes using membranes
29.Sep.2014 - 03.Oct.2014 International Workshop "Structure and Functions of Biomembranes"
29.Sep.2014 - 02.Oct.2014 13th AEROCOM workshop
29.Sep.2014 - 03.Oct.2014 Summer School Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics
29.Sep.2014 - 30.Sep.2014 Workshop "High Performance Computing in Science & Engineering 2014" @ HLRS