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Symposium on Advanced Imaging in Cell- and Microbiology:
Technology and Applications

10 Oct 2013 08:45
10 Oct 2013 16:45
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Lecture Hall of the Central Library

The advent of modern high resolution and fully motorized microscopes has opened up new research potential in cell- and microbiology: Incredible resolution, ultra-fast image acquisition, and automated long-term time-lapse microscopy provide novel insights into structure and behavior of single cells and of population dynamics far beyond what has been possible before. Within our symposium on “Advanced Imaging in Cell- and Microbiology: Technology and Applications” we will provide exciting insights into recent technological innovations and biological application.

We have invited several outstanding young researchers from various disciplines and set up an exciting and highly interdisciplinary symposium. In addition, our sponsoring partner Nikon will demonstrate its state of the art high-resolution microscopy N-STORM system during hands-on sessions.

We would like to invite researchers and interested persons from various relevant disciplines to join us in our one day symposium at the Forschungszentrum Jülich. Participation including beverages and lunch is free of charge, but a timely registration is required.
We look forward to seeing you October 10th!

Julia Frunzke & Dietrich Kohlheyer
Conference organizers