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30 years TEXTOR

Celebration of the anniversary

28.Mar.2014 10:00
28.Mar.2014 12:30
Lecture theatre of the Central Library (building 04.7), Forschungszentrum Jülich

For thirty years, the results produced at TEXTOR have considerably advanced international fusion research. Jülich’s large-scale device, which was shut down late last year, was immensely important in helping us to gain the knowledge that we have today of how fusion works.

The anniversary event looks back on over a quarter century of outstanding fusion research in Jülich and raises the question what options fusion can offer for today's challenges.

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If you wish to attend please contact:

Sybille Beyer
Tel. +49 2461 61-5201

Programme and further information:

 30 Years Textor (PDF, 461 kB)