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Colloquium: "Characterization of Electrochemical Materials 'at work'"

Prof. Dr. Peter Holtappels (Technical University of Denmark – DTU, Department of Energy Conversion and Storage)

27 Apr 2017 14:00
27 Apr 2017
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Gebäude 04.8, Raum 365

Electrochemical energy technologies are considered crucial for the transition of the energy system towards renewable energy sources and higher efficiency.

The performance of the devices depends to a large extend on interfacial processes and structural changes on the atomic scale which are difficult to investigate during operation of the cells. At the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage at DTU, several attempts have been made to overcome this gap by combining X-ray and spectroscopic techniques with electrochemical methods.

Examples from battery fuel cells and electrolysis research will be presented that covers operando characterization from room temperature battery cells to elevated temperatures solid oxide cells. For battery research, specially designed capillary cells have been used to investigate ion intercalation and extraction from various battery materials. The investigation of surface and interface composition is relevant for high temperature electrochemical devices, as the composition at elevated temperatures is likely to be different from ambient conditions. Raman spectroscopy has earlier been used to identify the role of impurities such as Sulphur and coke formation on solid oxide fuel cell anodes. The application of Raman spectroscopy to SOFC cathodes is novel and can be used to identify secondary phases and their impact on the oxygen exchange reaction. Another advanced in- situ / operando technique is the based on scanning probe microscopy in combination with conductivity or workfunction measurements for electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysis and recent progress in the area will be summarized.

The Institute of Energy and Climate Research cordially invites you to attend this lecture.