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Profile and Guiding principles

Key technologies in the areas of energy and environment, information and brain research – this characterizes Forschungszentrum Jülich’s profile. With some 5,900 employees, Jülich – a member of the Helmholtz Association – is one of Europe’s large research centres.


Cooperations and Alliances

Just as global trade flows have become an established phenomenon in the past decades, modern research also takes place in global networks. Forschungszentrum Jülich is a powerful hub in the international research network. Together with partners from universities, the science community and industry, Jülich is meeting the major challenges of the future.

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Prof. David DiVincenzo

Research Means Responsibility

Excellent research must assume responsibility. Responsibility in the research process means ensuring that research findings are acquired legitimately and that scientific work meets high quality standards. With respect to research topics at Jülich, responsibility applies to the legacy of the former nuclear research centre, the dismantling of the former research rectors Merlin and Dido, and waste from medical research with radionuclides. However, it is not just about responsibly dealing with the nuclear legacy safely and competently. Today, researchers also address ethical issues associated with their research: whether it be in neuroscience, plant research and biotechnolgy or in energy research.