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Postdocs or postdoctoral scientific researchers play an important role in all scientific working groups at Forschungszentrum Jülich. You can either work on one of the Jülich research priorities within programme-oriented funding or you can conduct research for a project with third-party funding, for example, a project funded by the EU or a project within the framework of a cooperation with an industrial company.

If you are aiming towards a position as a university lecturer in the long term, Jülich can offer you an attractive opportunity to prepare for your future career. Furthermore, many postdocs who leave Jülich after successful research work go on to work in industry. Not to be forgotten is that Jülich itself also offers long-term development perspectives.

Whatever direction you choose: postdocs in particular can profit from further education and development programmes at Jülich as well as the excellent networks that exist with universities.