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Scientific Excellence

Jülich offers its employees a working environment that is unique in Germany. An excellent infrastructure with state-of-the-art laboratory and information technology ensures that the standard of science at Jülich is on par with the leading research institutions in Europe and throughout the world. State-of-the-art facilities, such as supercomputers, unique instruments in neutron research, imaging techniques in medicine and nanotechnology, are available to the scientists and characterize Jülich as a centre of key technologies.

An optimum working environment, however, includes more than technology and equipment – ensuring the reconciliation of professional and family life by implementing specific measures is the other side of Jülich's reputation as an employer. Mentoring programmes for women in senior positions, an associated day-care centre, and a dual career programme are all well-established and integrated measures that make Jülich attractive to young families.

The results and findings of the scientists and research institutes are reflected in international appointments as professors at universities and research institutions, prestigious prizes and publications. Participation in large-scale research funding initiatives and the successful acquisition of third-party funds testify to the fact that Jülich researchers successfully fulfil their objective of providing new insights.

Excellent Research

Training and Young Researchers