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Energy and EnvironmentPossible side effect of diesel bans

Nitrogen oxides are at the heart of the debate surrounding diesel vehicles. In order to comply with the thresholds set by the EU, cities could impose a ban on diesel cars. This would reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxides, particularly in busy areas. It is less well known that this may lead to an undesirable side effect – an increase in the formation of ozone, which also endangers health.

Hirnforscher Christian Grefkes demonstriert die Methode der transkraniellen Hirnstimulation aus der Position eines Patienten. Er trägt eine Kopfbedeckung mit Messpunkten und hält einen Holzbaustein in der Hand, die er betrachtet.

Brain ResearchMagnetic help for the brain

Treating stroke patients with magnetic fields has proven itself in research as transcranial magnetic stimulation. Scientists from Jülich and Cologne are testing this method in a large clinical study – the first of its kind worldwide. Their long-term goal is individualised therapies.

weggeworfene Flasche am Strand

Energy and EnvironmentTaking to the water

Seas, rivers and lakes around the world are increasingly polluted by plastic waste. In two joint projects, researchers now want to find out – for the first time spanning across ecosystems – how much microplastics reach the North Sea and the Baltic Sea via the Weser and Warnow rivers. Jülich scientist are on board.

Chipstrukturen vor blauem Hintergrund. Bild: Tomasz Zajda - fotolia

SupercomputingHow prime numbers help improve the quantum computer

Scientists at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre have set a new world record: they simulated a quantum computer with 48 qubits on two different supercomputers. In order to test the limits of their simulated quantum computer, they used a method that requires the highest computing capacities: the prime factorization of large numbers.

Eine junge Wissenschaftlerin schaut an einem Rechner vorbei, auf dem Dioden leuchten, ihr Gesicht spiegelt sich.

CareerNew Info Platform for Doctoral Researchers

A new website specifically designed for doctoral researchers at Forschungszentrum Jülich and for university students who would like to come here has now been launched in English.