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Nervenzellen und Blutfluss
Physics of Life
Jülich, 23. February 2018 – 290 young scientists from 34 countries will attend this year’s "IFF Spring School" on Monday, 26 February at Forschungszentrum Jülich. The topic of the two-week event, which has each year offered a different scientific focus for the last 49 years, is the Physics of Life. The course teaches not only scientific methods and principles, but also promotes collaborations across scientific disciplines as well as international borders. Places at the school are consistently in high demand; this year once again saw many more applicants than available places.
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Sacha van Albada


More than 5,900 employees make Forschungszentrum what it is: a top-class European research centre.
Forschungszentrum Jülich places particular emphasis on support for early-career scientists.
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Cop23: UN Climate Change Conference 2017

The World Climate Change Conference (COP 23) takes place in Bonn from 6 to 17 November.
Jülich climate research and climate change experts: Cop23: UN Climate Change Conference 2017 …

African Journalist Wanted!

A bridge to Africa

The project "Pan-African Soil Challenge" will build a scientific bridge between Forschungszentrum Jülich and African partners. Against the background of the population explosion and climate change, it aims to support Africa in making food production sustainable and secure. Part of the project is a scholarship for an African journalist.
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A sonde is being put into a white numbered box.

Calibrating ozone sondes

In the beginning of November, climate researchers from all over the world met in Jülich to calibrate ozone sondes used in international ozone observation projects. In two video interveiws, Dr. Anne Thompson (NASA) and Dr. Hermann Smit (FZ Jülich) talk about the network Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesondes (SHADOZ) and how the calibrating of ozone sondes is done.
Dr. Anne Thompson (NASA)
Dr. Hermann Smit (FZ Jülich / JOSIE) Multimedia: Calibrating ozone sondes …