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effzett | Forschungszentrum Jülich’s Magazine

Experience fascinating science in an easy-to-understand and entertaining form. The multimedia magazine effzett uses texts, graphics, and animations to provide you with insights into the research fields of energy and environment as well as information and the brain.


The Magazine

  • "Focus" takes a look at one of Jülich’s research topics in more detail, providing background information and placing the topic in the broader research context.
  • "What’s your research all about?" and "Beyond the campus" are sections featuring the scientists in their labs at Jülich or on site at one of Jülich’s many other branch offices and labs.
  • Under “Thumbs up”, the effzett editorial team reports on what’s going on outside Jülich.
  • The magazine closes with “Research in a tweet” – a science topic explained in 140 characters.

The magazine is free of charge and is published in English and German three times a year.

Current Issue

Slow and steady - why science takes its time


  • HIGH CONTENT - Nitrate pollutes groundwater
  • QUICK ROUTE - How blood cells move through our veins
  • FAST ESCAPE - Fire in underground train stations

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