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Environmentally Friendly Power Plants

Permeability Test

Membrane Technology to Combat Climate-Damaging Gas

The carbon dioxide emitted by fossil-fired power plants contributes significantly to global warming. The emissions could be reduced by separating CO2 from the gas stream in power plants and then either utilizing it or storing it underground. However, conventional separation procedures consume a great deal of energy and thus reduce the efficiency of power plants. Filters manufactured from innovative membrane materials may be a better solution.

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Heat Protection for Turbines

In gas or steam turbines used for electricity generation in power plants or to power aircraft, a higher operating temperature and pressure results in higher efficiency, i.e. the turbines can retrieve more electrical power from each cubic metre of natural gas. This means that operating temperatures of up to 1,200°C are by no means unusual in stationary gas turbines today. However, these temperatures can only be handled if the basic metallic materials of central components are shielded against the effects of heat and corrosion by means of protective coatings.

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