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Materialprüfung an Stahllegierungen des Typs Edelstahl Crofer® 22 H für den Einsatz in Brennstoffzellen - Forschungszentrum Jülich

Energy and Environment

The goal of research at Jülich is to contribute to a secure, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy supply. To this end, Jülich is developing new approaches in the fields of renewable energy, storage technologies, energy efficiency, and for the understanding of the overall system of energy – climate – environment. More: Energy and Environment …

Schaltzentrale Gehirn - © James Thew,  seewhatmitchsee/

Information and the Brain

Understanding the complex processes in the brain is the key to the more effective diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases. At the same time, information processing paths in humans can provide the basis for interesting new approaches in information technology. More: Information and the Brain …