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PLEASE NOTE: Road Closures on B56 from 21 November: Access to Main Gate and Aachen Bus Lines Affected

Additional Construction Work: Waldstraße Road Closure Complicates Access to Main Gate for Cars and Buses

On Friday, 23 November, access to the main gate will alter once again. The reason for this is unscheduled construction work on the Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße road, which will begin on Friday afternoon and add to the traffic restrictions already in place due to scheduled construction work on the B56 road by the state agency Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW. Please note: Construction work requires full closure of the Waldstraße road on Friday afternoon. The Leo-Brandt-Straße road will be reopened to traffic at Friday lunchtime. The new suggested routes as of Friday afternoon (23.11.)

Coming from Düren:


  • Until Monday, 26 November, guests should use the Hambach gate, employees should use the Daubenrath gate, which is open from 06:00 until 20:00, and avoid the main gate.
  • From Tuesday, 27 November, the main gate will be accessible once again via the B56, L253, and Leo-Brandt-Straße roads, as well as the partially closed Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße road. However, drivers should expect continued delays due to partial road closures with temporary traffic lights on the B56 and Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße roads.


Due to the Waldstraße road closure, the 219 shuttle bus will be diverted via the L253 and Leo-Brandt-Straße roads. Delays are expected as a result.

Coming from Aachen or Düsseldorf:


  • Stay on the A44 motorway until the Jülich-Ost exit. Use the B55 and the turn right on the L64 Take this exit and use the Hambach gate to access the campus.
  • Those travelling on the A4 motorway from Aachen should take the Langerwehe exit. This road will take drivers alongside the motorway past Merken and through Krauthausen towards Hambach. Guests please drive through Hambach and then on the L264 and then take a turn to the left to the Hambach gate. Employess: Just before the town of Hambach, turn left. This road leads to the Daubenrath gate.
  • Coming from Düsseldorf Airport take the A 52 motorway (towards Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach), followed by the A 57 (towards Cologne). Turn off at Neuss-West, and continue on the A 46 until you reach the crossroads "Kreuz Wanlo". Take the A 61 (towards Koblenz/Aachen) until you reach "Dreieck Jackerath" where you should take the A 44 (towards Aachen). Stay on the A44 motorway until the Jülich-Ost exit. Take this exit and use the Hambach gate to access the campus.
  • Drivers who still wish to use the main gate should take the L253 road, continue on to the Leo-Brandt-Straße road, and then take the partially closed Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße road, where delays can be expected due to the temporary traffic lights.


The construction work will also affect buses coming from Aachen (the SB20 and 220 lines). Due to the Waldstraße road closure, the 219 shuttle bus will be diverted via the L253 and Leo-Brandt-Straße roads. Delays are expected as a result.

Pedestrians and cyclists

From the Rurtalbahn stop, pedestrians and cyclists can take the footpath and cycle track alongside the drainage channel.

Those coming via the L253 road to the main gate of campus by bike will be able to use the cycle track on the Leo-Brandt-Straße road until they reach the BAW site entrance. Cyclists should take the track by the memorial that leads left into the woods past the sports field and then rejoins the normal cycle track on the Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße road. This route will enable them to bypass the closed section of the Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße road as well as the unfinished cycle track near the BAW site entrance.

End of construction work on 21 December

The construction work due to begin tomorrow afternoon is the last phase of planned work affecting the main access road leading to the campus. The Wilhelm-Johnen-Straße road between the Waldstraße road and the road leading to ETC is currently being refurbished. The Waldstraße road closure is expected to last around four and a half weeks.

The Leo-Brandt-Straße road will be reopened to traffic at Friday lunchtime.

This final phase of construction work is scheduled for completion on 21 December 2018.

From neighbouring airports by train:

From Cologne Bonn Airport

From the railway station at the airport, please take the overground line S 12 ("S-Bahn") to Düren.
Continue from Düren as described in "By train".

From Düsseldorf International Airport

From the railway station at the airport, travel to Cologne main train station and then continue on to Düren. Some trains go directly to Düren whereas other connections involve a change at Cologne main train station.
Continue from Düren as described in "By train".

By train:

Take the train from Aachen or Cologne to the train station in Düren. From here, take the local train ("Rurtalbahn" [RTB]) for Jülich and get out at the "Forschungszentrum" stop. To make sure that the train stops at "Forschungszentrum" you should press the request stop button (Haltewunsch) in good time after the "Selgersdorf" stop. You may also take the RTB in order to get from Jülich town centre to the research centre.

From the train stop, a shuttle service will bring you to the campus (for all trains arriving between 6 am and 7 pm, for the timetables, please see "Aachen - Jülich bus connections" below).

If you walk, it will take you approximately 20 minutes to reach the main entrance. The distance is about 1.3 kilometres.

time tables for trains from Düren to Jülich (please choose "RB 21" in the field "Linie" to get the train time tables to Jülich. The name of the route is Düren - Linnich)

 time table for SB 219 shuttle service (between Rurtalbahn stop and Forschungszentrum Jülich) (PDF, 25 kB)

Aachen - Jülich - FZ-Jülich bus connection:

The SB 20 and the 220 bus lines connect Forschungszentrum Jülich to the local public transport system. Some lines also stop at Jülich town centre. Please have a look at the timetables for particulars.

Time tables:
 Bus SB 20 Aachen - Forschungszentrum Jülich (PDF, 25 kB)
 Bus 220 Aachen – Mariadorf – Aldenhoven – Jülich – FZ Jülich (PDF, 61 kB)

AVV website with timetables for bus routes (please chose "SB 20" or "220" in the field "Linie" to get the time tables of the buses to Jülich)

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