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PhD Position – Digital quantum simulation with NISQ devices


The development of quantum technologies and machine learning are two of the most dynamic research directions of our time. Merging their parallel advancements should lead to new classical and quantum computational approaches. This is what we aspire to do in our Helmholtz Young Investigator Group “Machine Learning for Quantum Technology” and in association with the Cluster of Excellence “Matter and Light for Quantum Computing”. Our research targets the exciting intersection of (non-equilibrium) quantum matter, quantum optics, quantum information, and machine learning with the goal of investigating complex quantum systems at the utmost of our computational resources. The Young Investigator Group is part of the Peter Grünberg Institute - Quantum Control (PGI-8) at Forschungszentrum Jülich, which specializes in novel optimal control strategies for emerging quantum technologies. Current research directions include tensor network methods, machine learning, in-situ optimal control, and quantum model reduction techniques.

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Your Job:

To follow Feynman’s original advice “… if you want to make a simulation of nature, you better make it quantum mechanical” is one of the most promising use cases for near-term “noisy intermediate-scale quantum” (NISQ) devices. However, to surpass numerical computer simulations in the near future, it will be crucial to most efficiently exploit the limited qubit numbers and coherence times. You are going to advance this approach for the investigation of many-body quantum dynamics. Your tasks in detail will be:

  • Development and numerical investigation of a circuit model for many-body localization
  • Method development for the compression of quantum circuits
  • Implementation of simulations on NISQ platforms, e.g. superconducting qubits or Rydberg atoms
  • Participation in international conferences in Germany and abroad (incl. presenting your research results)
  • Preparing scientific publications and project reports
  • Early-on co-tutoring of Bachelor/Master students

Your Profile:

  • Very good Master’s degree in Physics, ideally with a specialization in quantum many-body physics or quantum information
  • Coursework and experience in (a subset of) quantum mechanics, condensed matter physics, computational physics, statistical physics, non-equilibrium quantum many-body physics, quantum information
  • Methodological competence: Strong programming skills, ideally including experience with quantum computing libraries like Qiskit or Cirq
  • Very good English communication skills – both verbal and written
  • High degree of independence and commitment
  • Very reliable and conscientious style of working
  • Excellent ability to cooperate and work in a team

Our Offer:

We work on the very latest issues that impact our society and are offering you the chance to actively help in shaping the change! We offer ideal conditions for you to complete your doctoral degree:

  • A highly motivated working group as well as an international and interdisciplinary working environment at one of Europe’s largest research establishments
  • Outstanding scientific and technical infrastructure
  • Opportunity to participate in (international) conferences, schools, and workshops
  • Continuous scientific mentoring by your qualified scientific advisors
  • A large research campus with green spaces, offering the best possible means for networking with colleagues and pursuing sports alongside work
  • Further development of your personal strengths, e.g. through an extensive range of training courses; a structured program of continuing education and networking opportunities specifically for doctoral researchers via JuDocS, the Jülich Center for Doctoral Researchers and Supervisors:
  • Targeted services for international employees, e.g. through our International Advisory Service

The position is for a fixed term of 3 years. Pay in line with 75% of pay group 13 of the Collective Agreement for the Public Service (TVöD-Bund) and additionally 60 % of a monthly salary as special payment („Christmas bonus“). Further information on doctoral degrees at Forschungszentrum Jülich including our other locations is available at:

We welcome applications from people with diverse backgrounds, e.g. in terms of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation / identity, and social, ethnic and religious origin. A diverse and inclusive working environment with equal opportunities in which everyone can realize their potential is important to us.

To apply, please submit a complete CV, letter of motivation, university degree records (both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree), as well as at least one contact who can provide a reference letter.

We look forward to receiving your application. The job will be advertised until the position has been successfully filled. You should therefore submit your application as soon as possible.

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