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Measurements of hydroperoxy radicals (HO<sub>2</sub>) at atmospheric concentrations using bromide chemical ionization mass spectrometry
Atmospheric measurement techniques discussions amt-2018-195, 1 - 19 () [10.5194/amt-2018-195] OpenAccess  Download fulltext Files  Download fulltextFulltext by OpenAccess repository BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS
Experimental and theoretical investigation of the reaction of RO 2 radicals with OH radicals: Dependence of the HO 2 yield on the size of the alkyl group
International journal of chemical kinetics 50(9), 670 - 680 () [10.1002/kin.21191] BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS
The reaction of fluorine atoms with methanol: yield of CH 3 O/CH 2 OH and rate constant of the reactions CH 3 O + CH 3 O and CH 3 O + HO 2
Physical chemistry, chemical physics 20(16), 10660 - 10670 () [10.1039/C7CP05770A]  Download fulltext Files BibTeX | EndNote: XML, Text | RIS

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