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Submitted / Under review:

Franco, B., Taraborrelli, D., et al.: Ubiquitous atmospheric production of organic acids mediated by warm clouds, in review

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Stadtler, S., Kühn, T., Schröder, S., Taraborrelli, D., Schultz, M. G., and Kokkola, H.: Isoprene derived secondary organic aerosol in a global aerosol chemistry climate model, Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss., , in review, 2017.

Stadtler, S., Simpson, D., Schröder, S., Taraborrelli, D., Bott, A., and Schultz, M.: Ozone Impacts of Gas-Aerosol Uptake in Global Chemistry Transport Models, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., , in review, 2017.

Christoph Heinze, Veronika Eyring, Pierre Friedlingstein, Colin Jones, Yves  Balkanski, Williams Collins, Thierry Fichefet, Shuang Gao, Alex Hall, Detelina Ivanova, Wolfgang Knorr, Reto Knutti, Alexander Loew, Michael Ponater, Martin G. Schultz, Michael Schulz, Pier Siebesma, Joao Teixeira, George Tselioudis, and Martin Vancoppenolle: Climate feedbacks in the Earth system and their evaluation, submitted to Reviews of Geophysics (2017)



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Schultz, MG; Schröder, S; Lyapina, O et al.: Graphical products of TOAR ozone metrics, link to files in PNG format. DOI: https://dx.doi.org10.1594/PANGAEA.876109 , 2017.

Schultz, MG; Schröder, S; Lyapina, O et al.: Pre-compiled metrics data sets, link to files in CSV format. DOI: , 2017.

Schultz, MG; Schröder, S; Lyapina, O et al.: Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report, link to software tools. DOI: , 2017.

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