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  • Shaykhalishahi H, Mirecka EA, Gauhar A, Grüning CSR, Willbold D, Härd T, Stoldt M, Hoyer W
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  • Wördehoff MM, Bannach O, Shaykhalishahi H, Kulawik A, Schiefer S, Willbold D, Hoyer W, Birkmann E
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    J. Mol. Biol. , in press (2015)
  • Gauhar A, Shaykhalishahi H, Gremer L, Mirecka EA, Hoyer W
    Impact of subunit linkages in an engineered homodimeric binding protein to alpha-synuclein
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  • Grüning CS, Mirecka EA, Klein AN, Mandelkow E, Willbold D, Marino SF, Stoldt M, Hoyer W
    Alternative conformations of the tau repeat domain in complex with an engineered binding protein
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  • Mirecka EA, Gremer L, Schiefer S, Oesterhelt F, Stoldt M, Willbold D, Hoyer W
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  • Mirecka EA, Shaykhalishahi H, Gauhar A, Akgül S, Lecher J, Willbold D, Stoldt M, Hoyer W
    Sequestration of a beta-hairpin for control of alpha-synuclein aggregation
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  • Grüning CS, Klinker S, Wolff M, Schneider M, Toksöz K, Klein AN, Nagel-Steger L, Willbold D, Hoyer W
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  • Luheshi LM, Hoyer W, de Barros TP, van Dijk-Härd I, Brorsson AC, Macao B, Persson C, Crowther DC, Lomas DA, Ståhl S, Dobson CM, Härd T
    Sequestration of the Abeta peptide prevents toxicity and promotes degradation in vivo
    PLoS Biol. 8, e1000334 (2010)