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1. Goossens K, Prior M, Pacheco V, Willbold D, Müllen K, Enderlein J, Hofkens J, Gregor I. Accurate diffusion coefficients of organosoluble reference dyes in organic media measured by dual-focus fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. ACS Nano, in press (2015).

2. Solyom Z, Ma P, Schwarten M, Bosco M, Polidori A, Durand G, Willbold D, Brutscher B. Conformational properties of the disordered region of the NS5A protein from hepatitis C virus and their modulation by SH3 binding and phosphorylation. Biopys. J., in press (2015).

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4. Kovacic F, Mandrysch A, Poojari C, Strodel B and K Jaeger: Structural features determining thermal
adaptation of esterases. PEDS (2015) accepted.