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Radiotracer development


A prerequisite for the syntheses of radiotracers for the positron-emission-tomography is the development of new methods for the introduction of the very low amounts (<10-9 g) of a radionuclide (e.g. fluorine-18, carbon-11) into organic molecules in a shorter time scale.

The main focus is put on the development of syntheses of new 18F-fluorinated aliphatic and of novel methods for the synthesis of aromatic amino acids, respectively, which will be used for the diagnostic of especially brain tumors. A further focus is the development of new 11C- and 18F-labelled ligands of the dopaminergic and serotonergic receptor system. For these entire fields novel labeling strategies will be developed which even enables the synthesis of the corresponding compounds.

A further area of activity is the improvement of technologies for the syntheses of radiopharmaceuticals with regards to a better automation and product quality.