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Radionuclide development

Beside the routine production of radiopharmaceuticals not-standard-PET-Nuclide are also produced for research purposes.

Nuclear Data and radionuclide produktion

An essential basis for the research with and the development of radiopharmaceuticals is the efficient production of radionuclides in high quantity and radionuclidic purity. This requires the detailed knowledge of the nuclear production data, the availability of reliable production targets as well as fast and efficient chemical separation methods for the isolation of the radionuclides and recovery of highly enriched target nuclides.
The radionuclide development and the production of radionuclides embrace basic research as well as practice oriented work. It ranges from the determination of nuclear reaction data of theoretical relevance over technical aspects of practical production to quality assurance.

Besides established radionuclides for medical diagnostics and therapy, partly in routine use since long time, an increasing number of new radionuclides are finding interest for specific applications especially in recent years. While mainly neutron deficit radionuclides are used for the study of metabolic processes using positron emission tomography (PET), non-standard PET nuclides play an increasing part for the development of PET tracers and radiotherapeutics in oncology