Modellfabrik Papier – Leading the way for sustainable paper production

Invitation Modellfabrik Papier - Peter Bekaert: Managing Director Modellfabrik Papier gGmbH

04.12.2023 13:00 Uhr
04.12.2023 14:00 Uhr
IBG-2: Plant Sciences, building 06.2, room 406 – large seminar room, 2nd floor

Within the Modellfabrik Papier, the paper industry is taking the initiative today to achieve the climate goals of tomorrow.

The aim of the Modellfabrik Papier is to use knowledge-based approaches to develop the basis for climate-neutral paper production in which the specific energy requirement of paper production is reduced by 80% by the year 2045, thus realizing sustainable and future-proof paper production. To this end, yet unknown technological manufacturing concepts are to be developed, investigated, and techno-economically evaluated on completely new technology carriers based on known scientific and physical phenomena, with the aim to achieve the synergy of the above-mentioned total energy savings.

Modellfabrik Papier – Leading the way for sustainable paper production
Modellfabrik Papier gGmbH

This approach is closely interlinked with the infrastructure created by the Modellfabrik Papier, which gives the paper industry the opportunity to conduct disruptive research on this vision of climate-neutral paper production within the framework of an open innovation network at a central location in the Rhenish lignite mining region.

Different competences of partners are bundled, and central topics are worked on jointly by several partners. The project is divided into four main objectives. For each focal point and sub-focal point, one of the seven cooperating institutes is responsible for the scientific management.

The cooperation of MFP with the institutes in each focal point ensures that synergies and expertise are optimally utilized, that MFP also builds up the expertise necessary for long-term work, and that the consolidation and prioritization of the different subject areas are implemented in line with the overall goals of the project:

  • Focus area 1 pursues the goal of tailoring fibre-based raw materials for paper in terms of chemistry and process technology in such a way that measurable overall energy savings are achieved in the papermaking process.
  • Focus area 2 pursues the goal of optimizing today's aqueous papermaking process in terms of energy consumption so that a significantly increased primary energy yield is achieved.
  • Focus area 3 aims to develop papermaking approaches beyond the use of water. Due to the different functions of water in the papermaking process, there are three concrete starting points: the drying of papers as nonwovens with air as the carrier medium, the use of non-aqueous fluids as carrier medium and non-aqueous fluids for energy-saving fibre transport.
  • Finally, focus area 4 pursues the goal of integrating the results of focuses one to three into the overall system of paper production. This involves an energy assessment and an evaluation of the sustainability of the solutions and products produced. In addition, digital solutions for knowledge management and research data management and recycling solutions will be realized.
  • The aim of the Modellfabrik Papier is to realise the transfer of the above-described disruptive developments into the industry, supported by the meanwhile 22 shareholders of the Modellfabrik Papier out of the paper and paper supply industry.

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