Modelling and management of catchments

Development of models for balancing and forecasting water and nutrient fluxes on the level of Federal States and river basins

Scientific support for the emerging issues of water policies in Germany and beyond, e.g. for implementing the EU water framework directive

Water balance and climate change

  • To quantify water balance components in high spatial and temporal resolution
  • To assess total runoff and groundwater recharge for regional water resources management
  • To predict the impact of climate change on sustainably manageable groundwater recharge, soil water balance and irrigation demands
  • Models: GROWA, mGROWA


  • To identify input pathways and to analyze the actual N and P pollution of groundwater, surface waters and coastal areas
  • To locate “hot spot areas” and to determine the nutrient reduction required to reach environmental quality targets
  • To predict the impact of management adaptations
  • Models: DENUZ-WEKU-MEPhos


Prof. Dr. Frank Wendland

Dr. Frank Herrmann

Dr. Ralf Kunkel

Ian McNamara

Dr. Björn Tetzlaff

Dr. Tim Wolters

Walter Hettler

Johannes Scherer


Prof. Dr. Frank Wendland

Head of research group "Modelling and management of catchments"

  • Institut für Bio- und Geowissenschaften (IBG)
  • Agrosphäre (IBG-3)
Gebäude 16.6 /
Raum R 307
+49 2461/61-3165
  • Institut für Bio- und Geowissenschaften (IBG)
  • Agrosphäre (IBG-3)
Gebäude 16.6z /
Raum 2044
+49 2461/61-3648

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Water Balance and climate change


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