Neuromorphic biohybrids

Joint lab with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and IT, RWTH Aachen

Neuromorphic devices have recently emerged as powerful platforms to recreate artificial neural network: these devices have a clear “learning” process from the outer stimuli, changing their conductive state and giving a different response similarly to physiological synaptic plasticity. The research focuses on implement adaptive biohybrid platforms for neuronal interfaces able to replace and repair injured brain areas. Our innovative approach consists in using organic electrochemical transistor to mimic neuronal functionalities (i.e. synaptic plasticity), and artificial biomembranes to resemble neuronal membrane composition, so that the so-formed biomimetic device might be able to engage a tight coupling with biological cells. Furthermore, we aim at exploiting the memory capabilities of the neuromorphic device to implement adaptive biosensors able to respond to cells stimuli through a feedback-loop control system.

Letzte Änderung: 22.07.2022